Barn trio, Darß

Nordic tradition – modern holiday resort

The Baltic seaside resort of Prerow on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula on the southern Baltic Sea forms the picturesque and panoramic backdrop to the barn trio of Darß. The three identical, two-storey holiday cottages, with their gabled roofs, hark back to the traditional architecture of the coastal region. The three buildings combine to create a harmonious urban ensemble, with two cottages arranged in a line and gables facing the street, and the third set back from the road between them.
The design concept takes it cue from the unadorned form of old barns, with a focus on the essentials and an inherent dichotomy of space and light, sun and shade, openness and shelter, inside and outside. These essential features of life and living were implemented structurally, with consideration for both modern household requirements and the qualities found in sculptural solitaires.
Since the development plan dictated the use of reeds for roofing material, the architect forwent the usual overhang and brought the thatching all the way down the façade to the ground in order to maintain the required minimum spacing between the cottages. In contrast, the perforated facades of the north- and street-facing gables have been clad in wood panelling and fitted with sliding shutters to provide privacy and protection against sun and insects.
Turned away from the road and therefore out of sight, two-storey glass windows in the reed façades serve as the main entrances to the buildings. The expansive portals create a loggia as well as a covered outdoor area in front of the cottages. Two, large black barn doors slide shut to close the loggia, further supporting the barn motif.

The heart of the building corresponds to that of old farmhouses – the hall. A welcoming meeting place, living and dining room in one. Only a glass windows stands between the open room and garden, allowing the exterior and interior to flow into each other. The entire height of the building is on display as the staircase is integrated into the space like a sculpture. In contrast to the openness, the private rooms in the upper floor were conceived as mini-suites with private bathrooms and dressing rooms. The third level of the loft accommodates two more rooms. The homes are equipped with JUNG’s classic LS 990 range, with the pure white of the series setting a clean and puristic tone.
Photos : Stefan Melchior

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