New module for light and shading control

Great scope for combination – simple installation

The new LB Management from JUNG stands for modern, future-proof light and shading control. Designed as a modular system, it replaces the JUNG light and blinds management. With the ability to combine different inserts and covers, it provides a solution for virtually every desired function for light and shading control.

Switch and dim the lights or adjust the slats: The LB Management stands for future-proof light and shading control in one system and in the uniform JUNG design. Covers are simply connected onto the inserts and can be combined freely in accordance with the desired functions. Existing light and shading management installations can be replaced economically with individual modules from the new LB Management.

Convenient operation
Operation is possible manually on the device, automatically with sensors or timers, or with a new smartphone app. The JUNG Clever Config app works on the basis of Bluetooth Low Energy. Being a pure Bluetooth app, it is independent of WLAN and networks. Settings are transferred from device to device and imported from other installations. Being password-protected, device configurations and device pairing are secure from unwanted access.

Fast installation
More space for wiring is provided by the small installation depth of the inserts of 24 millimetres. A stable steel supporting plate, the enclosed mounting claws, and increased jaw pull-out forces provide a firm hold and optimum alignment in the flush-mounting box. Test operation on-site is also possible without a cover by using the integrated test button. It is also used to set various operating modes. This optimises the commissioning and shortens the installation time. The covers are pushed on with the help of stable retaining springs in stainless steel. During installation, the integrated signalling using LED or display ensures that no unintended confusion can occur when allocating insert and cover.

Varied design
All inserts for the LB Management can be freely combined with the JUNG covers for the A, LS and CD ranges. In the spirit of the modular system, a large choice of materials and colours results.

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