The secure standard

Protection from unauthorised access – KNX Secure

To effectively safeguard the infrastructure against hacker attacks in a professional installation, measures should be taken at the hardware and software levels. With KNX Secure, installations become more secure against access.

KNX IP Secure and Data Secure represent secure data transmission in KNX systems. KNX Data Secure means that selected KNX telegrams are authenticated and encrypted, independently of the medium. In this way, the communication between sensor and actuator cannot be interpreted or manipulated. In addition, KNX IP Secure encrypts the data communication in the network and ensures secure transmission of all KNX telegrams. The communication to visualisations is also made secure by this.

Secure installation
The basis of every security concept is the isolation of the system against unauthorised access. Every room is executed as an individual “KNX island”. Using a KNX IP secure interface, these are connected via a fast IP backbone to the central visualisation. With this, every room can be operated centrally and its status displayed. A simple manipulation across rooms is, however, prevented.

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