V8 HOTEL – MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart, Böblingen

Dreams of 130 HP

The V8 MOTEL in Böblingen is an automotive dream come true for most men. Located in the heart of the Stuttgart automotive region, on the site of a former airport and next door to MOTORWORLD, the four star V8 HOTEL sets the hearts of vintage car enthusiasts, speed junkies and gearheads racing. And not least because of its design theme, which includes cars on display as well as ten themed rooms to overnight in that have been faithfully and loving modelled on automotive motifs since 2009.

The lobby and hallways of the hotel are replete with automotive designs using images and exhibits, with only a subtle automotive motif running throughout the 23 single and double rooms of the hotel. The themed rooms are where the automotive design is allowed to shine. Individually designed, each room transports its guests to a different world. In the ‘Filling Station’, a VW Beetle converted into a bed sits alongside a petrol pump, neon signs and repurposed oil drums used as tables. In the ‘Drive In’, a red Cadillac parked under the stars provides the setting for a romantic evening, while other rooms – such as the ‘Race Track, ‘Tuning Shop’ or ‘Car Wash’ – enchant guests with their unique ambience.

All of the themed rooms were conceptualised and arranged by three different artists – from the purchase of old cars to the design of the walls and interior décor – each of them with their own special flair. The more extravagant the design, the more the electrical installation must blend with its surroundings. That’s why the classic LS 990 switches from JUNG in white, with their clean lines and minimal accents, were selected.

However, the hotel’s centrepiece has to be the ‘Tower Suite’, with its private rooftop terrace on the fourth floor and views of MOTORWORLD. The first floor of the four-storey apartment offers guests a luxurious welcome and a touch of nostalgia, while the bathroom one floor up offers panoramic views and a relaxing place to rest. And when guests are ready to retire for the night, a Mercedes Benz bed parked in the third-floor bedroom provides the perfect place for very special dreams.

Whether VW Beetle, Mercedes W 108 or Cadillac – they all promise extraordinary bedtime stories.

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