V8 Hotel, Böblingen

A must for every car fan

In Böblingen there is the newest theme and design hotel from V8. In close proximity to the first hotel for the brand, the V8 Classic, a second hotel has been built that will make the hearts of car fans beat faster.

Due to the proximity of the automobile region of Stuttgart, Böblingen is predestined for the topic of cars , and precisely this is realised outstandingly in the new V8. Over 6000 square metres, the hotel offers 153 rooms, apartments, meeting rooms, a wellness and fitness area, a bar and a restaurant as well as many affectionate details concerning automobiles. The furnishings consist of classic design furniture and unique pieces made from car parts. In the lobby, the auto gallery provides a particularly special high-point of the hotel. From cult veteran cars to high-end sports cars, the cars displayed here invite you to dream.

This special interior design concept is rounded off with the LS 990 design classic in white.
Fotos : Frank Hoppe

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