The Hotel Q!, Berlin

Dreaming with eyes wide open

A hotel has emerged in the west of Berlin, in the middle of Charlottenburg, that offers a totally new style of overnight stay – quite different from the normed, mass-tourism sleeping sites or corporate identity hotel chains. The GRAFT architect’s office located in Berlin and Los Angeles has realised a hotel landscape here that contrasts with conventional visual experiences and invokes ambivalent interpretations with its topographical treatment of room areas.

The familiar, conventional norm of a lobby, reception area, bar, lounge and restaurant melts together into a wavy-shaped topography of red linoleum. The various functional areas flow effortlessly into each other here. Traditional elements of ceilings walls and floors are now no longer individual parts, instead they form a spatial continuum. All at once the sculpture that results from this transforms into circulation areas, furniture and space.
Dibujos: GRAFT

Diseños y tecnologías utilizados