magdas HOTEL, Vienna

Hospitality redefined

A hotel on a professional level with an unusual concept and motivating history - this is how the AllesWirdGut project initiated by magdas - the social business subsidiary of Caritas - can be described.

As a social business, the magdas HOTEL has the objective of solving social economic problems with entrepreneurial means. It is not about maximising profit, but about maximising openness and humanity. The former retirement home from the 1960s now has 88 individually furnished hotel rooms for city travellers and tourists. What makes this special is: The guests are welcomed by refugees from crisis regions who earn money in the hotel as receptionists, cooks or cleaners. The objective of Caritas is to facilitate the integration of refugees and to strengthen joint cooperation.

In keeping with the unusual concept of the hotel, the interior is characterised by striking unique objects, furniture with a past and artefacts with a history. In the midst of this: the JUNG LS 990 design classic switch in white.

Diseños y tecnologías utilizados