Detached house, Muenster

Intelligent living in Muenster

At first glance, the most striking thing about this detached house, built in 2011, is its red brick frontage. Inside, however, it is a real “smart home” equipped with intelligent KNX home automation technology.

Thanks in part to its location close to the centre and the University Hospital, Muenster’s Sentruper Hoehe district is one of the most coveted residential areas in the city. The house, home to a family of five, is set in a quiet play street. Visitors enter the spacious hallway through a glazed entrance at the side which gives on to the family’s kitchen, living and dining area.

The Facility Pilot Server in the distribution box in the cellar operates as the KNX control centre, managing and visualising the house’s various smart systems. However, the occupants can also access the server remotely by tablet and so control the various functions as and when they wish from anywhere in the house.
A whole range of functions and effects – including the lighting in the kitchen, a dimmed light over the dining table, or the shutters – can be set as required using the F40 push-button sensors, selected here in white in JUNG’s classic LS 990 design. Compact room controllers manage the heating in the bathroom, the children’s rooms and the master bedroom. Some of the devices are fitted with expansion modules. The heating itself is driven by a heat pump.

The lighting in the living and dining rooms, the kitchen and the master bedroom and bathroom is dimmable and can be regulated individually. The light in the utility room is controlled by JUNG presence sensors as people enter and leave the room. The light is switched on as soon as the motion sensors are triggered.

The shutters are operated automatically in response to wind data recorded by the JUNG weather station. They are raised immediately when a wind alarm is registered.

JUNG’s KNX smart technology networks various room functions including lighting, air conditioning and shade, making it possible to create and control modern living and working environments intelligently, individually and easily.
Fotos : Jens Kallfelz

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