Castle Hotel, Yantarny/ Russian Federation

A little gem on the Amber Coast

Yantarny – meaning amber village in Russian – lies directly on the Baltic Sea, about 45 km away from Kaliningrad. Nowhere else in the world is as much amber mined as along the Sambian coast. The stones from the legendary Amber Room in St Petersburg also originally came from here.

The town is deceptively tranquil today, although it has a very eventful history. Until 1946, the town – formerly known as Palmnicken – belonged to East Prussia. The Kaliningrad oblast was governed by the Soviet Union until the latter collapsed in 1990. Today the region belongs to the Russian Federation.

A kingly holiday in a castle
The buildings, among them the former Prussian Hunting Castle, testify to the region’s lively past. Originally built in the 17th century by the Prussian elector-duke George William, it lay abandoned, falling into disrepair until just a few years ago. Following extensive restoration work, today it has awakened from its long slumber, offering holidaymakers luxury 5-star accommodation.

The 52 rooms are spread over four floors. From the grounds to the impressive floor mosaics, the sophisticated furnishings contribute to the castle's elegant atmosphere. Made from high-quality materials, the electrical installation from JUNG in the LS 9900 classic switch design in white, stainless steel and aluminium sets new standards. All components are stylishly matched, blending harmoniously in with the building’s overall concept.

The electric circuits are activated by using the Hotel Card switch at the entrance of the hotel-room. There are plenty of sockets for the guests’ electrical devices to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. Rooms are of course also fitted with data outlets.

The JUNG radio, in white, and the Music Center provide for entertainment. The docking station for MP3 players, iPods and iPhones are integrated into each room’s switch control panel. With its elegant aluminium design, the Music Center is an attractive asset to every room.

Guests can also expect perfection when it comes to the bathroom design: The shaving socket – in a classic JUNG design – makes the morning routine so much easier.
The level of shade and lighting in each room is adjusted via a central relay station. This means guests can conveniently set the light intensity within the room themselves by using the JUNG dimmer. These dimmers are perfectly suited for regulating energy-saving HV halogen lights, dimmable LED retrofit and compact fluorescent discharge lamps. Unwanted side-effects, such as inconsistent dimming or annoying flickering are a thing of the past. Depending on one’s preference, the dimmer can be supplied either as a rotary switch or as a button. Both variants are available in a variety of designs, so that – like all other Jung components – they are perfectly matched to the style of the room. Sockets with integrated LED orientation lights ensure better visibility in the dark; presence detectors light up if they sense people moving in the room.

Whether it is the modern electrics, the well thought-through interiors or the harmonious colour schemes, today the castle hotel is resplendent and elegant once more.

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