Smart displays

With touch screen and intuitive user interface

KNX Smart Panel

The flush-mounted KNX Smart-Panels 5.1 and 9.1 are the enhanced models of the Facility Colour Touch Panel IP. Thanks to embedded control software, the features are conveniently controlled through the TFT colour touchscreen display. Visualisation and operation is done through the uniform JUNG user interface that allows the various features to be controlled in a logical and intuitive manner. Using the Smart Panel Designer, it is quickly created. As an alternative or additionally, an optionally configurable user interface may be used. It allows the user to implement an individual display representation. Moreover, additional safety is provided by the built-in alarm system that accommodates up to 40 detectors for securing both interior and exterior envelopes. Additional features such as the 64 channel week-timer with building random and astro features, the pre-configured light scenario management, datalogger for consumption data, limit modules as well as logic and time gates help to optimise the features and can be quickly incorporated.

Further, both models greatly benefit from easy upgrades that do not require chasing operations to be performed. Since they are installed in JUNG EBG 24 flush-mount housings, existing operating panels are easily replaced by the Smart Panels. Depending on ambience and application, an appropriate design option may be selected from a number of different design frames.

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Smart Pilots

The full version of the Facility Pilot software is pre-installed on the KNX Smart Pilot units. Addtionally, the Siedle Smart Gateway is used to turn the JUNG Smart Pilots into video stations for door communication. The uniform JUNG user interface perfectly complements this system – thus, all KNX features may intuitively be operated through the capacitive touchscreen.
Depending on the application, there are three different 16:9 format screens of the following sizes available:

  • 256 mm/10.1"
  • 396 mm/15.6", and
  • 470 mm/ 18.5".

 * in the 15.6" and 18.5" versions

Please find the KNX Smart Pilots in the Online catalogue
The Smart Pilots have two USB connections underneath that are accessible when installed, and there are two further USB connections at the back of the unit. Likewise at the back there are two separate LAN connections (1,000 Mbit/s).

Facility Colour Touch Panel IP

Alternatives for technicians: Using the Facility Colour Touch Panel IP it is possible to centrally control lights, blinds and shutters, heating and air conditioning systems, alarm systems and reporting devices as well as multimedia components. Operation is done through the active colour TFT touch screen (117.2 x 88.4 mm). At the same time, the monitor offers enough space to load background images such as photos or layout plans and so make control easier. In order to provide rapid navigation through the menu the system has the option to nest up to 50 standard pages as desired and to access them directly. In addition there is the option for remote control of the Facility Colour Touch Panel IP with the JUNG App FP 701 Client via an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
Various design frames are available for the panel. Made of stainless steel, aluminium or glass in the colours matt white, white and black.

Please find the Facility Colour Touch Panel IP in the Online catalogue