eNet SMART HOME – Smart with system

The bidirectional eNet SMART HOME radio system enables smart networking and control of building services using a single platform. Light, heating, blinds, movement detectors and numerous other functions: The brand solutions of the eNet SMART HOME Alliance partners can be integrated into the wireless system across all manufacturers.

JUNG eNet SMART HOME product overview

You have the choice. Control your home using wall transmitters, touch display, tablet or smartphone. Classically on the wall or mobile on the move. One does not exclude the other.

eNet SMART HOME transmitter

F 40 and F 50 wall transmitters

You can switch, dim, control blinds and recall scenes with the JUNG eNet wall transmitters. Regardless of the existing electrical installation, the battery-operated wall transmitter can be mounted on walls and smooth surfaces – exactly where you want it. JUNG eNet wall transmitters are available in F 40 and F 50 versions.
The eNet wall transmitters also control the basic functions without the eNet Server. This means that you can also implement smaller individual room solutions without an eNet Server as the eNet transmitters and receivers form a bidirectional network. In the case of a comprehensive eNet SMART HOME installation including eNet Server, the system will also function if your home network is not available.


The eNet SMART HOME app is recommended if you want to make full use of all the possibilities of smart home technology. With the eNet SMART HOME app, you have access to all devices in your home at any time via smartphone and tablet or via a stationary touch display.

eNet SMART HOME hand-held transmitter Show

eNet SMART HOME energy sensors Show

eNet SMART HOME physical sensors Show

eNet radio repeater intermediate connector Show

The radio repeater intermediate connector receives and repeats eNet radio telegrams. The range of radio transmitters and actuators can be extended in this way.

eNet SMART HOME universal transmitter Show

Conventional 230 V switches can be made to function wirelessly with the compact universal transmitter. The universal transmitter transmits switching, dimming, blind movement and scene commands to radio actuators in the eNet system for this. It can be controlled by push-buttons, switches, blind push-buttons or blind switches or other devices with push-button or switching contact.

eNet SMART HOME receiver

System attachments for the JUNG switch ranges

Make the light and blind switches in an existing electrical installation smart? That is simple. Conventional light switches can easily be replaced with the JUNG eNet centre plate Universal with radio receiver. Without having to chisel walls or install new cables.
The replacement of conventional blind buttons is just as simple. The specialist replaces the existing switch with a blind centre plate with radio receiver and configures the system.

eNet SMART HOME flush-mounted actuators Show

Flush-mounted actuators receive their commands from eNet transmitters and convert them into actions. They are suitable for installation in flush wall boxes. An appropriate installation adapter is available for installation in false ceilings or canopies.
Switch / push-button actuators have a relay for switching loads such as lamps on and off. Many different loads can be connected, such as incandescent lamps, HV or LV halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, fan motors, provided that the technical data of actuator and load match.

eNet SMART HOME switch / push-button actuator intermediate connector Show

Wireless intermediate connectors can be used mobile wherever a switching function for the lighting should be controlled. For example, floor or desk luminaires can be integrated into the radio control system with intermediate connectors.

eNet SMART HOME actuators for rail mounting Show

JUNG switch ranges

The switch ranges from JUNG combine future-proof building technology with timeless aesthetics and durability. The ranges are characterised by their multiple award-winning design and exclusive surfaces. Easily combine the devices for your eNet SMART HOME using a switch range of your choice.

Find eNet Service Partners

The network of eNet SMART HOME service partners provides you with comprehensive, competent service and professional installation. You can find here experienced electrical specialists in your area who are familiar with the JUNG product range.