F 40 KNX Room controller

Room controller OLED

Jung has extended the F 40 push-button modules into a new high-end controller with the KNX room controller OLED. The room controller with integrated bus coupling unit in the CD and LS design ranges features a high-resolution OLED graphic display with brilliant colours. The operation of the OLED room controller is done by means of large buttons that can be laser-engraved or imprinted individually with symbols or text by means of the Jung graphics tool. To add functionality, the unit may be combined with the pushbutton extension module.

Please find the the KNX room controller OLED in our Online catalogue

Compact room controller

The lighting, temperature and blinds can be controlled centrally with the KNX compact room controller. The device has three large control panels for switching, sensing, dimming and blinds control. The inverted display with illuminated digital display clearly shows the room, outside or set temperature together with the current time.

In addition, it is possible to expand the functions by adding the Universal push-button sensor extension module to the KNX compact room controller to include a 1-gang to 4-gang push-button sensor.

The KNX compact room controller is available in the A, CD and LS ranges.