KNX software

For the JUNG KNX system

Facility Pilot

The JUNG Facility Pilot is a flexible and interactive program that is used to comprehensively control and visualise the KNX building system technology. It can be used either in private or commercial and public buildings.

The software consists of individual modules such as the EIB editor, process model, visualisation editor and a system control that operates across all the modules. This system control serves as a central user interface to give a quick overview of the entire system with the individual modules, documents and project management. The Facility Pilot provides flexibility, a high degree of convenience for the user and easy handling to the KNX system management. The visualisation and control support the user by providing interactive help and comprehensive documentation.

For more information, please refer to our online catalogue.

Facility Pilot Navigator

Creating KNX projects was never so simple: Facility Pilot Navigator is the new configuration software for the Facility Pilot.

When creating a KNX project for apartments and other constructions, the goal should be to create a logical structure of the complex content as the basis for simple operation. With the Facility Pilot Navigator, this is fast and simple. In addition, the software converts the configured project directly into the uniform JUNG interface. In this way, the user is in the position to control all KNX functions intuitively with the touch screen of the Smart Pilot.

A further important advantage of the Facility Pilot Navigator: Once created, a project can be duplicated simply and used for other Smart Pilots. This means a saving of time and effort for the installer, especially with complex projects.

Please find the Facility Pilot Navigator in the Online catalogue