Löyly Sauna, Helsinki

Löyly Sauna, Helsinki

Sauna based on sustainability

The project was an initiative of the city of Helsinki. Hernesaari was an industrial area on the coast of Helsinki that is being redeveloped as a residential area and coastal park. Visitors are being provided with new attractions and the capital city will be connected to the sea. The sauna was designed in a long, thin form, and the volume was kept as small as possible so that the view from the future apartment blocks was not blocked. The wooden building will turn grey over time so that it looks like a cliff on the shore.

The building consists of two parts: public saunas and a restaurant, which have views of the sea. There are three different saunas, all of which are heated with wood. There is a continuously heated sauna, one heated once and a traditional smoke sauna. Between the saunas there is a spa area with a cold-water pool and a fireplace room to relax.

The architectural idea is simple: there is a rectangular black box covered with a free-form wooden “cloak”. Instead of just serving as decoration, the sculptural structure made in heat-treated pine has several functions: it provides the people with visual privacy while not limiting the view of the sea from the inside. The slats have the effect of blinds and block the view from outside. The structure protects the building from the harsh coastal climate. It provides shade for the interior spaces with their large glass surfaces and contributes to reducing the energy consumption for cooling the building. In addition, the layered cloak forms steps that allow access to the roof and the terraces.

Materials such as black concrete and steel, light Scandinavian birch and wool were used due to their durability. The stoves in the saunas are low emission, the glass walls energy-efficient and the complete complex uses environmentally friendly electricity. Matching the overall impression of the sauna, our JUNG classic LS 990 design in Dark was installed.

Used Designs and technologies