Hotel TwentySeven, Amsterdam

Hotel TwentySeven, Amsterdam

A high-end designer hotel

The Hotel TwentySeven is a modern, luxurious and iconic suite hotel that creates an illusion of a dream in a timeless environment. Directly in Dam Square, right in the heart of Amsterdam, and surrounded by the National Monument and the Royal Palace, this hotel offers 16 individually-designed suites. With fabrics, furniture and materials from Nepal, Paris, Venice, Belgium and other countries, these suites have been transformed into characteristic oases of opulence. Next to the Bougainville Restaurant the hotel TwentySeven also has a bar.

In addition to its exclusive and exceptional standards of luxury, this hotel stands out with its singularity, unsurpassable excellence and its atypical nature for the region. As the technical service should also be conveniently accessible to all guests in this luxurious and comfortable environment, there are iPads located in each room for operating the lighting, air conditioning and sun protection. This way any previously adjusted scenarios can be called up for an atmosphere that is always appropriate.

For this reason, our JUNG KNX system has been installed for operating the air conditioning, shade from the sun and lighting. To match these characterful, sumptuous suites, all the covers of the switches, dimmers, sockets and USB re-chargers have been fitted in the JUNG LS 990 design in antique brass.

Used Designs and technologies