Back More security in the wireless-based Smart Home

The new eNet ceiling observer is battery operated and thus shows its strengths everywhere there are no cables. It operates very precisely and records everything that moves within a radius of eight metres.

The eNet ceiling observer is a movement detector and has a 360-degrees lens. As soon as it registers any movement, it transmits the pulse to an eNet receiver. This capture can be linked to any actions via an if-then rule in the eNet SMART HOME app. In this way, you receive extra security and control in a wireless-based Smart Home.

Detection range

The eNet ceiling observer has a homogeneous detection range of up to 8 metres (when mounted at a height of 2.5 metres). This allows precise motion detection even in large rooms.

Flexible mounting

The eNet ceiling observer can be installed everywhere in internal areas quickly, neatly and flexibly. With a battery life of over three years, the sensor reliably detects all movement over a long period of time.


At home or on the move: With the eNet SMART HOME app, you always have your home and ceiling observer under control. Using the app and the eNet server, you can, among other things, set a longer shut-off delay.

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