Back The LB Management enters eNet SMART HOME

Two worlds combine: With the new eNet radio centre plate Smart Home residents can now also operate LB Management shutters, blinds and luminaires. This makes existing inserts of the modular system smart.

Added value for eNet SMART HOME: In order to offer more options to users, JUNG integrates the LB Management in the wireless-based Smart-Home system. Simply replace the attachments with the eNet radio centre plate and users are already operating the LB Management functions in eNet SMART HOME. The new wireless control button is available in two different designs.

eNet Radio Centre Plate

eNet Radio Centre Plate "Arrows"


With these new products, eNet SMART HOME masters the tasks of the modern building control. Due to the integration, users can integrate the LB Management functions into room overviews and into scenes, if-then rules or schedules. Thanks to the eNet SMART HOME app, LB Management components can be controlled from anywhere - conveniently with a smartphone or tablet. Of course everything with a strict eye on data security: the radio transmissions in the eNet system are completely encrypted.

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