Movement triggers lighting

When light is switched on by movement

Light switched on whenever you need it: Whether inside your house or on your property. Movement dependent lighting control provides more security – in addition to better quality of living conditions and comfort.

Indoor lighting

Whether in corridors, stairways, or entrance area: Movement dependent lighting control automatically switches the light on when you enter the detection area. Using a purposefully placed automatic switch or presence detector, there is no need to look for the light switch. Thus you will not be left in the dark. Moreover, visitors who do not know the place will be on the safe side. Useful side-effect: After a preset time, the light will automatically be switched off thus saving energy.
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Outdoor lighting

The movement dependent lighting control ensures that the outdoor way to the entrance door is safe: Purposefully placed observers switch the light on immediately after persons have entered the detection area. This does not only provide adequate welcome to you and your guests but also has another benefit: Any “unwanted visitors” will be announced to you by bright lighting. No one who enters your property will remain unnoticed!
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