LS 990

A classic switch reaches 50

The LS 990 is the classic among flat switches: Introduced to the market as early as 1968 by JUNG, 50 years later it still enjoys great popularity thanks to its timeless elegance. Different design versions in plastic or real metal provide scope in the integration into architectural concepts. All the requirements from conventional homes up to smart homes are fulfilled technically. In 2018, JUNG is celebrating its switch icon. The book “The classic switch since 1968” is a homage to the LS 990 and has come out on the occasion of the anniversary.

A classic begins
It is the end of the 1960s when the LS 990 appears. Until then, rocker switches were standard. The guiding idea of “progress as tradition” of the founder, Albrecht Jung, followed to this day, was the drive for JUNG to develop a flat switch. Inspired by the philosophy of the Bauhaus style, which demands an uncomplicated design oriented on the practical value and relies on elementary, clear forms, the LS 990 reduces the design to the absolute essentials. At the same time, it harks back to a basic geometric shape: the classic square. The LS 990 has a switch size of 70 x 70 millimetres with a 5-millimetre frame around them. With the aesthetics of its reduced form, the great user-friendliness due to its level surfaces and its clear structure, the new programme at that time fulfilled not only all the demands of modern interior design, but also became the standard par excellence for the further development of light switches. Today, 50 years later, the LS 990 is enjoying a still increasing popularity among architects and interior designers – the LS 990 is the most long-lived and most successful flat switch in the industry.

A classic displays variety
Minimalistically severe, organically playful or sensuously opulent: with its conservative design, the LS 990 fits into every architectural concept. For this switch range, JUNG keeps numerous colour and material variants available. With them, over 200 functions are possible – from multimedia
terminals via sockets and a door intercom system to international systems The single to 5-gang frames can be used horizontally and vertically. Alongside numerous colours in plastic and metal designs, the LS 990 is available in the 63 Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours. Le Corbusier counts as one of the most important and most influential architects of the 20th century, and he was also established as a painter and artist. In his eyes, the colour of a building was just as important for a successful design as the layout and the form. With the LS 990 in the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours, JUNG, as the only switch manufacturer, makes a unique architectural colour scheme possible. All colours have a naturally harmonious effect and can be combined with each other.

A classic is updated
The LS ZERO is the contemporary interpretation of the JUNG classic LS 990. The puristic switch design picks up the design of the iconic flat switch with its narrow frame. Points to note: The LS ZERO is installed flush. Flowing, even transitions between switches, sockets and smart control elements arise with the LS ZERO. Thanks to the consistent, flush integration in walls, ceilings and furniture elements, with this product solution JUNG makes a reduced and stringent interior concept possible.

With the LS ZERO, over 200 functions can be realised, from conventional to smart home – without special tools and specialised wall boxes but with standard components. In 2018, JUNG presents the purists among its switch design for the first time in a quality brass design.

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