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JUNG Visu Pro, as the successor to the Facility Pilot, is the professional software solution for visualisation and control of building automation. Multiple, independent KNX systems can be included and managed conveniently at the same time.

The JUNG Visu Pro software is a versatile system without data point limitation. Thus it is also perfectly suitable for complex applications in the private and commercial areas. In particular, the option to include multiple independent KNX systems parallel in one process model via KNXnet / IP protocol creates comprehensive possibilities for property-spanning projects. The Visu Pro software can be displayed using all HTML5-capable browsers. This of course also includes mobile devices.

Intelligent voice control

The intelligent combination of KNX building technology and Amazon Echo voice control makes your house even more convenient. The interface is the JUNG Visu Pro software.

The connection couldn’t be simpler and can be implemented quickly for their customer by a specialist. For this, the customer first activates the Smart Home skill “JUNG Visu Pro” in the Amazon Alexa app. Then, the system integrator transfers the customer data to the JUNG Visu Pro software and simply selects the functions that the user would like to control by voice. They also allocate here special “Alexa names” to be spoken as voice commands. The “Create Alexa report” function is very useful here. This produces a PDF file in which all language functions in use are listed with example command phrases.

Managing voice commands

In der Visualisierungsoberfläche der JUNG Visu Pro Software lässt sich auch ein Konfigurationsmodus für den Anwender einbetten. Dieser kann damit ganz einfach die angelegten Sprachbefehle nach individuellen Wünschen ändern – aus „Wandlampe Wohnen“ wird dann beispielsweise „Strahler Wohnzimmer“. Aber auch alle „Nicht-KNX-Geräte“ lassen sich vom Nutzer selbst über die Alexa App in seine Sprachsteuerung integrieren. Diese können dann über Gruppenbildungen auch mit den KNX-Funktionen verknüpft werden.

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