Automatic Light

Light on demand – with the components of the LB Management you get more convenience and energy efficiency for your illumination control. Very easy with automatic switches and presence detectors.

The automatic switches

The 180° detection range of the automatic switches is monitored by two PIR sensors that can be used individually or together. In the function as movement detector, they are ideal to use in corridors and passages. The 2.20 m version can be used very well in offices or recreation rooms. The settings in the universal designs are conveniently made using the Clever Config app.

The presence and motion detector

You can rely on the detection characteristics of the motion/presence detector. When installed at heights of up to six metres, the unit registers everything that is moving within a diameter of approx. 20 m. For this, the device has three PIR sensors operating independently of each other. All settings are made conveniently using the Clever Config app.
Each of the three PIR sensors is allocated an individually activated area of 120° detection angle. By grouping up to five devices, the detection area can be extended. In its role as a presence detector, the compact device auto matically provides, for example, energysaving lighting of the work area in an office. In corridors and hallways on the other hand, the motion detector demonstrates its strengths. The device has a 360° detection area with a radius of 20 metres – assuming an installation height of three metres. The device has a presence, night light, alarm and hotel function as well as constant light control.