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The rocker switch replaced the rotary switch around the beginning of the 1920s. As well as functionality, the straightforward, easy to use switch has an aesthetic level for the first time.

Purist design and innovation have been combined at JUNG since 1912 – with LS 1912, the company is continuing this tradition and applying it in a modern way. The switches can be combined with the frames of the LS range; the name of the new switch is a tribute to the foundation year of JUNG.

Functional variety with purist haptics

LS 1912 unifies the characteristic operation of a classic rocker switch with modern technology. Over 200 inserts can be connected in a modular fashion with LS 1912. In this way you can realise modern living and building solutions. For example, dim the light in the LB Management. Operate blinds using wireless in eNet SMART HOME or activate the comprehensive scenes via a connection to a KNX system. The variety of possibilities available with LS 1912 can be seen in this function overview.

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