Facility Pilot Navigator

Simple planning tool for KNX projects

The creation of visualisation projects has never been this easy. With the JUNG Facility Pilot Navigator, the new planning tool with an interface to the facility pilot, even complex KNX installations can be implemented quickly and without any problems.

The Facility Pilot Navigator is able to structure complex project content in a logical manner. Therefore, the innovative software fulfils an important objective for designing a KNX project for residential and commercial construction: i.e. to simplify operations as much as possible. At the same time, the program implements the configured project directly in the standardised JUNG user interface. This way, users can control all KNX functions via the touch screen of their Smart Pilot.

The JUNG Facility Pilot Navigator also offers another important advantage. Once the project has been developed, it can be duplicated and used for other JUNG Smart Pilots. This way, the installer can save time and expenses, which is an important criterion, especially when it comes to more complex projects.