100 years: Progress as Tradition

For 100 years, the name of JUNG has stood for the highest quality in technology and design – “Made in Germany”. Since the founding days, the company has followed the philosophy of “progress as a tradition“.

Ingenuity has a future
As a pioneer of his time, in 1912 Albrecht Jung created the basis of the JUNG success story with the founding of the company and the development of his 45° rotation pull switch. In 1919, Ernst Paris, who would become the son-in-law of Albrecht Jung, entered the company as a partner, and made a significant impression on the commercial side. As a result of market demand, JUNG quickly specialised in the manufacture of switches and sockets. As well as a high standard of quality, the design factor won more and more importance. At the beginning of the 1960s, the second generation took the rudder in Siegfried Jung. A few years later in 1967, the management was extended by his friend Theodor Schulte with the area of Sales. Together the two new men at the top extended the market success further. As a result, the company presented a push switch in the 1960s that replaced the rocker and rotary models that had been normal until then. With the development of the first portfolio with a maximum switch faceplate of 70 x 70 mm, in 1968 JUNG definitively set new standards in functionality, design and user convenience: A new generation of switches was born!
Actively shape the future
In the following decades, advances proceeded rapidly, with steadily increasing demands on modern building technology. To meet these demands, JUNG continuously extended its product portfolio and won over the market with its innovative developments. In the same way, today the company offers a large selection of devices and systems that impress with their modern technology, sophisticated design and extraordinary range of functions. More than 20 years ago, the company leadership was transferred to the third generation, Harald Jung. He also based his work on the guiding principle that has guaranteed market success until now: Progress as a tradition. Initially he was supported by Heinz-Jürgen Kuhn and Malte Vinck, and until now by his two management partners, Michael Eyrich and Martin Herms. The direction is clearly defined: JUNG is sticking to the path adopted of offering specialist outlets and the trade a comprehensive range of devices and systems that are exemplary in terms of technology, quality, user convenience and design.

With this strategy of innovation, JUNG is looking to the future with optimism, and faces the next 100 years of successful company history