Intuitive well-being

Every hotel wants to provide the optimum comfort to its guests. Irrespective of the standard of the technical equipment. A pre-requisite is a consistent operating philosophy.

The feeling good for the guest already starts with the intuitive orientation in the room. Clarity and comprehensibility for operation and function of the switch are essential for this. The most important functions combined, for example placed centrally next to the bed, with clear labelling. lighting, curtains, climate or complete scenes can be controlled by the guest by pressing a button or using rotary movement according to well-known operating patterns.

Zentral schalten
Praktisch: mit einem Tastendruck die Beleuch­tung im gesamten Hotelzimmer schalten.
Dim atmospherically
Create atmosphere: dim the lighting to the desired brightness.

Convenience function
Combined: control multiple functions or scenes using one device. Clearly identified using symbols. Whether with small or large buttons, always suited to the overall concept. And always intuitively understandable for the guest.

Plug & Light

The Plug & Light lighting socket, with its compatible LED light attachments, make light planning very simple. Produced in JUNG switch design