Smart means mobile

Smart Visu Server – the optimum visualisation solution

KNX functions can be visualised and operated quickly and inexpensively with the Smart Visu Server from JUNG. The set-up is also particularly simple thanks to the integrated SV Control software.

The compact device for wall mounting or switch cabinet installation is integrated in the home network via the router. The KNX IP interface provides the connection to the KNX network. The visualisation is created step by step using the integrated SV Control set-up software. The web-based tool works independently of the operating system and guides the user intuitively through the sequence for setting up. Every home becomes a Smart Home effortlessly.

Lighting, temperature, sunscreen, music or the Philips Hue coloured light system: the user makes the selection by tapping on a smart phone. If new devices are added, these are taught-in quickly. Users can make individual settings using the clearly laid out Smart Visu Home user interface – so-called actions such as time-controlled switching or status indicators. In contrast, the creation of functions stays in the hands of the specialist. The specialist also determines which settings customers have access to.

The possibility to summarise actions into groups is new. Under a heading, for example "Holiday", users can jointly regulate actions such as "Open shutters" or "Living room lamps" and simulate the presence of the occupants. When the holiday is ended, the group can be deactivated at any time using the appropriate button on the Smart Visu Server user interface.

The software can be upgraded to also cope with the growing number of smart devices in the household in the future. All automatic updates and upgrades for the Smart Visu Server are listed chronologically in the "Change Log” document for documentation purposes. This is available to download as a PDF at