Extended smoke detection system

IP gateway for more safety

The smoke detection system from JUNG creates more possibilities regarding the warnings from and maintenance of smoke detectors. Radio smoke alarm devices can be connected to the Internet via the IP gateway. If any smoke detector signals an alarm, the occupants receive an SMS or e-mail immediately on their smart phone or tablet in the event of fire. No valuable time is lost thanks to the immediate alarm signalling.

The system can be easily configured and operated using an app. Users can be informed at any time and irrespective of location about the safety status of their house. The app also notifies pending test and maintenance times. This saves time and costs. The emergency power supply and the installed SIM card also ensure functionality in the event of disruptions of the Internet access.

Retrofitting of already installed JUNG radio smoke alarms with the IP gateway is also possible. For more safety for everyone.

A plus in security
Another module in the smoke detection system is the alarm relay. It is integrated wirelessly as output and input module in an existing radio smoke alarm devices group. If an outbreak of fire occurs, it automatically controls acoustic and optical signal generators, ventilation systems, shutter systems or KNX systems.

IP gateway and alarm relay complete the fire protection and effectively protect against smoke and fire individually and as a system.