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Dimming with universal rotary dimmer

Future-proof, energy-saving dimming – JUNG is now introducing a simple solution for all common illuminants with the new LED universal rotary dimmer. The compact flush-mounted device in a variety of JUNG switch designs is also ideally suitable for safe, reliable control of dimmable LED lamps, HV halogen lamps, inductive and electronic transformers with LED or halogen lamps as well as compact fluorescent lamps and incandescent bulbs. It is also possible to dim illuminants with the LED universal rotary dimmer via a connected satellite unit (button or 2-wire satellite unit).

The LED universal rotary dimmer uses the leading edge phase control or trailing edge phase control principle. Setting the device to the dimming principle that matches the respective consumer is done automatically or manually on the device using the potentiometer shaft. A coloured LED displays the chosen operation mode. The setting of the minimum brightness is also carried out with the potentiometer shaft. If no neutral conductor (2-wire) is available at the installation location, the dimmer can also be operated without this.

The universal device is operated according to the usual rotary dimmer principle: turn and press. Even, perfect light in no time. It is also possible with the new rotary dimmer to permanently save the switch-on brightness in order to switch on with the same brightness every time. Alternatively, the “Switch on with the brightness last set” function can be selected. The illuminant is switched on with a soft start that is gentle on the lamp.