eNet receiver

The eNet receivers

The eNet receivers are available in various designs. These can be installed according to application need and local conditions.

Radio system plates

With the radio system plates, components from the proven JUNG light and blinds management are integrated into eNet.
The standard centre plate for Light Management is available in the AS, A, CD, SL and LS ranges.
The blinds centre plate for Blinds Management is available in the AS, A, CD, SL and LS ranges.

Flush-mounted actuators

With the eNet flush-mounted actuators, the operating mode can be simply selected with a switch. The compact design is ideal for installation in flush-mounted sockets or in the eNet flush-mount housing, in false ceilings or canopies. Using the Mini installation adapter, installation in a switch cabinet is also possible.

Rail-mounted actuators

For simple one-man commissioning, the eNet actuators for rail mounting for switch cabinet installation have an
operating mode switch, a local operating button and appropriate display LEDs.

Switch actuator in SCHUKO housing

In its plug adapter design, the switch actuator
is a particularly flexible
solution that can be used for switching lighting or
other electronic devices.