IP gateway for radio smoke alarm devices

Networked fire protection

New possibilities with respect to warning and maintenance: The IP gateway connects the JUNG radio smoke alarm devices to the Internet. This system can be configured and operated easily using an app. Retrofitting of already installed radio smoke alarm devices is also possible.

In combination with the browser-based app, the IP gateway is a double help. First, the occupants are reliably informed by SMS or e-mail in the event of fire. Secondly, they can keep up to date with the safety status of their home at any time. That gives a secure feeling. Furthermore, the app not only has a configuration and control function for the IP gateway, it also notifies annual test and maintenance times. That saves time and money.

Secure is secure:
An emergency power supply and the integrated SIM card also ensure reliable functionality even in the event of disruptions of the Internet access.

Secure communication: In the case of a fire, the IP gateway sends the warning of the alarm to the occupant’s smartphone. The configuration and maintenance can also be performed conveniently using the app.

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