Light & Blinds Management

New modular system

Consistent further development of the well-known Blinds Management system: the new Lights & Blinds management. This modular system reveals its simple handling. It completely meets the requirements for modern automatic shading control.

Universal control button
Control timed shade
Standard control button
Control shade manually

Blinds centre plate with timer function "standard"
Control shade automatically
Universal / standard blind inserts
Two inserts cover every requirement with three possible

Modular system

The two blind inserts, Standard and Universal, can be combined appropriately with the various covers in each case: Standard control button, Universal control button and Standard timer. Produced in the diverse JUNG design, they can be selected to fit in with the rest of the electrical installation.

Universal blind insert
Simple installation by tradespeople: The small installation depth of only 24 mm provides more space for wiring. A stable steel supporting plate and increased claw pull-out forces provide a firm hold and optimum alignment in the flush-mounting box. A satellite unit can be connected additionally. Practical on the building site: Test operation without cover is also possible. The standby consumption is only a maximum of 0.2 – 0.5 W (depending on the selected cover).

Universal control button
The illuminated series button controls the shading either with a timer or manually. As well as two switching times, the ventilation position of the hanging can also be stored. A locking function is also integrated. The function allocation is clear from the symbols on the buttons.

Standard timer

The blinds centre plate with timer function "standard" is impressive due to its real glass front in black or white with six sensor buttons for intuitive operation. Astro function / astro time shift and the automatic summer / winter time changeover are also included.

Clear display
The values shown on the display are easy to read. The display switches off automatically after two minutes; alternatively, continuous display of the current time is possible.
Fast programming
With fast programming, the current time can be saved as switching time; the next movement time is of course shown on the display.
Including lock-out protection
Protection against being locked out: If the locking function is activated, this is also shown clearly on the display.

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