Two worlds, one system:
eNet becomes eNet SMART HOME

eNet SMART HOME is the extended expansion stage for advanced and convenient operation using a smart phone, locally or remotely, and safe, fully encrypted communication.


This technical standard for wireless networking offers the device basis at the same time, which can be transferred at any time into the eNet SMART HOME world by integrating the eNet Server – even with retrofitting.


This is the intelligent networking and operation of the eNet components using an eNet Server. Using a smartphone, the home is controlled as you wish – directly on site or from anywhere in the world.

eNet SMART HOME remote

The home under control at all times: Even when away, the users always retain access to their eNet installation with the eNet SMART HOME app. Up to eight end devices can be used with one registration.

eNet SMART HOME secure

The eNet SMART HOME is protected by targeted security measures. As well as the fully encrypted wireless transfer, this also includes data security, the server location in Germany and protection against manipulation.

Alliance of strong partners

In order to be able to offer the users more added value with eNet SMART HOME, we rely on an alliance of strong partners. Together with other brand-name manufacturers, we are therefore consistently extending the functionality of the eNet system.

eNet SMART HOME will meet all the demands of modern building automation. By networking the competencies of different manufacturers in an alliance, the users have a maximum number of available clever solutions for their homes; whether lighting and shading control
or the integration of heating control. Quality unified under a future-proof system standard. Operate cross-functionally with an app. And: competently advised, installed and maintained by professionals. Can be updated at any time and adapted to new situations.

Control the eNet SMART HOME from anywhere? Simply mobile with the app – whether in your own WLAN or by remote access. Including all settings affecting the Smart Home.

Overview of rooms
Display all rooms with their functions
Intuitive operation
Simply record and control all functions

Combine functions into comfort scenes
If-Then rules
Programming event-dependent functions

Create time-controlled function sequences
Triggering functions
Operate all functions individually with a finger tip

The eNet Server

The basis of the mobile eNet SMART HOME control is the eNet Server. Programming, visualisation and control run using it. The eNet SMART HOME connect start-up interface is already integrated. Together with the eNet SMART HOME app, the server provides the prerequisites so that the user can specify not only the triggering of individual functions and scenes, but also schedules, if-then rules, energy management and access rights.

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