Lighting atmosphere with DALI

Brightness and colour temperature as required

The new Power DALI potentiometer from JUNG has everything you need for manual operation of lamps with DALI interface. The functions even include the possibility to change the colour temperature as required to warm neutral or daylight white (Tunable White).

The DALI Potentiometer is designed for switching, dimming and regulation of up to 26 DALI components. A number that can be increased accordingly by the combination of a maximum of four devices. At the same time, the increase improves convenience in use, because the lighting can be operated from different places. The advanced technology is used mainly in offices, administration and commercial buildings.

For the Power DALI potentiometer, the regular covers for rotary dimmers/potentiometers in the design of ranges AS, A, CD, LS and SL are used. The various materials and colours mean that it fits perfectly to the rest of the electrical installation.