Control ZigBee Light Link with attractive light switches

Create atmospheric light scenes

Skilfully present light that fits the atmosphere and ambience. With the ZigBee wall transmitters in the attractive switch design and hand transmitters from JUNG, atmospheric scenarios can be created simply by wireless. So the meal can be prepared in the kitchen that is illuminated daylight white, while the light above the dining table is already dimmed warm white. RGB colour light effects skilfully place emphasis on other areas – all based on your wish and the occasion.

Handling and installation is all simple
Configuring and learning-in the lighting is uncomplicated using Touchlink with the press of a key on the device. Other additional functions such as factory reset can likewise be called with the appropriate key combinations. The second operating level is also accessed in this way for additional settings. For example, to change the colour temperature. Installation of the flat wall transmitter is also quickly done, because it is possible practically everywhere: the devices are simply glued in the positions where you need them – on plaster, wood, glass and other surfaces. As a result, the ZigBee devices are well suited for retrofitting.

By the way: the ZigBee Light Link protocol is supported by the bulbs and manufacturers Philips Hue, Osram LIGHTIFY, LG Electronics and General Electric Company.