The KNX RF wireless standard in switch design

An ideal solution for retrofitting KNX installations

The perfect solution wherever no bus cables can or should be laid: the KNX RF F 40 and F 50 Wall Transmitters in the JUNG switch design. These high-performance, flat structured transmitters can be located anywhere you like in the room, on plaster, wood, glass or other surfaces. They are simply fixed with adhesive to the desired location – with minimum effort. Now users can adjust the desired KNX functions conveniently at the touch of a button. With the F 50 version, an additional temperature sensor for capturing the current temperature is also integrated in the room. The individual keys for allocating each function can be individually labelled using the JUNG Graphic Tool.

Any addressing, parametrising and diagnosing is carried out through the KNX wireless USB stick or through the KNX USB data interface. The new JUNG media coupler takes over the connection between KNX and wireless systems.

A reliable connection
The JUNG media coupler with built-in line coupler capability forms the interface between cabled and wireless operated components in the KNX system. The device can also be used as a repeater. No bus connection is necessary for this, as the 24V power supply is sufficient.

A handy alternative
A convenient alternative is available in the form of the KNX radio hand-held transmitter that allows mobile operation of all functions by remote control. Two versions are available, with two or four channels. A colourful LED display shows you the current status.