Smart Visu Server

Visualisation solution for the smart home

The Smart Visu Server is the optimum solution to visualise a KNX installation both quickly and cost-effectively. The compact device for wall or rail mounting certainly packs a punch: simply launch the integrated commissioning interface SV Control via the web browser and create the visualisation following an intuitive process.

The operation is carried out via the clearly structured user interface Smart Visu Home, whereby the user can carry out own settings or actions. The device has been conceived for mobile control via smart devices – independently of the operating system – and thus provides an added plus in terms of convenience and flexibility.

Already available

The advantages at a glance:

  • Simple and fast programming
  • Customised end user settings possible
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Convenient control via smartphone or tablet
  • Integration of Live Style products such as Philips Hue
  • Future-proof due to updates and upgrades
  • Customer-oriented developing

Always up to date

All automatic updates of the Smart Visu Server, you can find listed in a "Change Log" document with chronological order. This is available as a PDF for download.

Update & Upgrade Information

Modular software – Open for the future

The architecture of the Smart Visu Server software has been created so that it keeps pace with the requirements of modern life. From home entertainment to intelligent fridges, there is an increasing number of smart devices in a modern household which enable connectivity to the building system. The Smart Visu Server has therefore been consciously created as an open system. It is possible with regularly released updates to add technologies and protocols as modules.

The server thus already supports the Philips Hue colour light system in its factory state. As soon as a Hue bridge with taught-in devices is detected in the network, the operator interface can be accessed for the integrated and convenient control of the lamps in an area.

SV Control – Simple commissioning with the Smart Visu Server

SV Control is the integrated, web-based commissioning tool for the Smart Visu Server and enables the convenient creation of a KNX visualisation – via computer, laptop or smart device, independently of the operating system.

Smart Visu Home – Convenient operation with the Smart Visu Server

The web-based Smart Visu Home provides the user with a clearly structured, graphical user interface which he can use to operate all the relevant KNX functions as well as the Philips Hue colour light system via his smart device. In addition, he can carry out his own settings (actions) such as time-controlled switching operations, conditional events or status displays.

Technical details:

  • Compact device for wall or rail mounting
  • Only power supply and LAN connection required
  • Connection to KNX via IP interface
  • Simple browser-based interface for programmers and users
  • Group address transfer via ETS OPC Export
  • 24 possible rooms or topics can be created
  • 240 functions (- switching, dimming, blinds, HVAC, light scenes)
  • 250 Actions (- timer, status logic, if/then)
  • 1200 data points possible
  • Embedding of IP camera and weather data possible
  • Future-proof due to updates and upgrades

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