Bluetooth Connect

Stream your own music from your tablet or smartphone with JUNG Bluetooth Connect. This wall-mounted device receives and amplifies audio signals in stereo quality.

Well thought out operation
Intuitive operation on the go by smartphone or through touch display on the glass front. Eight sensor keys on the display enable fingertip selection of the audio source, title, volume and more. In sleep mode, the buttons are hidden; the buttons are shown again as soon as the display is touched.

Connection to loudspeakers and external amplifiers
The built in amplifier ensures the best sound in combination with the loudspeaker modules. External amplifiers or the JUNG Smart Radio can be connected through the audio outlet. Up to six different audio sources to be stored in the Bluetooth Connect.

Bluetooth Connect in switch design
The Bluetooth Connect is available in the AS, A, CD and LS design series to fit smoothly into the existing electrical system. The range extends from exclusive metal variations to coloured glass or plastic frames. Power saving: In Stand-by mode, the JUNG unit consumes only 0.37 W.

Excellent stereo sound

When stereo sound is desired, two JUNG loudspeakers may be connected to the unit. They may be installed remotely or together with the unit into a multiple frame rack.

Far-ranging connection

The JUNG Smart Radio can be connected to the Bluetooth Connect through the auxiliary input.

A wide range of materials and colours

JUNG Bluetooth Connect is available in the AS, A, CD, and LS design series.