The Best of German Mittelstand – THE FAMILY BUSINESSES

Family businesses as a factor of success
Also in economically difficult times, the "German economic model" has proved to be robust and successful. An important factor that contributes to Germany's economic stability are the family-run businesses. More than 90 percent of the German enterprises are family owned. Altogether, they generate approximately half of the total sales, create nearly three quarters of the patents, provide more than 60 percent of all jobs and 80 percent of all apprenticeship positions and are thus the backbone of the German economy.

German Mittelstand – Backbone of the German Economy
In the English language publication titled "The Best of German Mittelstand – THE FAMILY BUSINESSES", the Cologne/Germany based Wirtschaftsfachverlag Deutsche Standards EDITIONEN publishing house presents around 100 family businesses including their history, management, major business and strategic data as well as the influence the families have on their businesses.

JUNG is the only specialist company for switches and systems mentioned in this publication. JUNG runs production sites in Germany in Schalksmühle und Lünen. After 100 years of successful company history, JUNG – with its own subsidiaries and numerous agencies worldwide – has become an internationally acknowledged force within the industry.

Significance of the German Mittelstand in Foreign Countries
In their publication "The Best of German Mittelstand – THE FAMILY BUSINESSES", the editors Florian Langenscheidt and Peter May make the German Mittelstand visible on an international scale for the first time. During the Ambassadors Conference Business Forum held by the German Federal Office in Berlin this year, German Foreign Minister Dr. Frank Walter Steinmeier pointed out the significance the German Mittelstand has abroad. The Foreign Minister stated: "(...) Competitiveness of the German economy is based on the unique interaction between large-scale industries, small and medium-sized businesses, and innovative high-tech companies. Another important factor of success that cannot be separated from that is the large number of family-run businesses – they are the treasure of Germany as a location for business."

Because family businesses – to quote co-editor Peter May – carry continuity and tradition within themselves like a few other companies only (...), focus on a few core areas, and gain unique competitive positions or even market leadership in these fields.