A classic shows its colours

The LS 990 in exclusive colours

Timeless architecture and outstanding furniture design: Le Corbusier is considered one of the most significant architects of the 20th century. His work has had a substantial influence on architecture and design to this day. For Le Corbusier, colour was just as important as layout and form for his buildings and designs. He created his unique colour system in two stages – with 43 subdued tones in 1931 and with 20 powerfully dynamic shades in 1959. What makes this special is that each of these colours can be combined with any other in the system. In consequence of these notable properties and the unique depth of colour, this palette of colours remains an inspiration to this day.

LS 990 meets Le Corbusier
Confident with the extraordinary qualities of this colour system, JUNG now offers its classic LS 990 switch design worldwide, exclusively in the unique Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours. To illustrate the impressive depth of this colour range, the switches are hand-painted using a special process. This produces a matt surface. This design has currently been distinguished with the highest appreciation as the "Best of Best" in the "Product" category in the German Design Council Iconic Awards 2014.

As well as switches, sockets, rotary and touch dimmers, JUNG also offers its KNX F 50 touch sensors in the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours. The control elements for operating the KNX room functions and multimedia are also integrated into this unique colour system.
With the JUNG modular assembly system, all the LS 990 articles in the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours can of course be combined with any other modules in the LS range.