Convenient heating operation

The new JUNG KNX heating actuator

The new KNX 6-gang REG heating actuator operates by switching electrothermal drives for heating and cooling ceilings. It shows itself to be very adaptable as it controls valve drives in both the low voltage and the 230V ranges. To support electrical fitters with the on-site start-up procedure and maintenance, all the outputs can be operated manually as usual; even the status reports take place in hand operation.

A plus in performance features

The demand-based pump operation and the option of forced control of all the outputs optimise the performance features of this actuator in such a way that they rationally support the energy-efficient management of the heating. The "First Open" function for the simple initial setting in operation of the heating system works as a further important feature for activating the actuator drives. And even for the "worst case scenario" – the breakdown of the bus voltage – this KNX actuator is best prepared: the emergency operation is reliably secured, if necessary, through the external power supply (in a separate unit).