Amplification for the playlist

Bluetooth Connect for wall installation

An elegant streaming solution from JUNG for wall installation: the new Bluetooth Connect in switch design receives and amplifies audio signals from smartphones, tablets or MP3 players through Bluetooth in stereo quality.

The user makes the choice of audio source, title selection, volume regulation, start, stop and, more intuitively, by means of eight sensor buttons on the touch display with glass front. This gives them fingertip control of their audio streaming. Convenient: up to six audio sources can be stored if desired.

Fine-sounding connection options

The built-in Bluetooth Connect amplifier in connection with the JUNG loudspeaker modules ensures genuine listening enjoyment, and it also comes in switch design. They can be installed both separately or, if desired, combined with the device in a multiple frame. In the design of the AS, A, CD and LS ranges, there are numerous materials and colours to choose from. Alternatively the user has the option to connect either an external amplifier or the JUNG Smart Radio though the Bluetooth Connect audio output.