Managing the wireless standard by tablet and smartphone

eNet – Smart Homes by Master Craftsmen

Mobile configuration and control of the eNet radio standard – without any large programming effort, from anywhere in your own WLAN area, easily by tablet or smartphone. The JUNG company shows just how this works with the IP gateway and the free eNet app for iOS and Android.

The IP gateway with eNet app for tablets and smartphones

By combining the two, the operation of lighting, shade and scenarios takes place by touch through the user's mobile device. The IP gateway can also be connected with up to five tablets or smartphones in parallel. Convenient and practical features here are the 24 integrated channels for operating eNet actuators, the 20 lists for combining favourites and the 16 scenarios. Its operation is carried out in a wireless network router. For operating the functions by Smartphone or tablet, all the user now needs is the JUNG eNet app. This then enables mobile operation of their eNet Smart Home intuitively by touch through a graphic user interface. That is smart!