Shade control three times as convenient, with

eNet – Smart Homes by Master Craftsmen

Sun protection function, twilight function and temperature-dependent sun protection – with the new eNet radio sun sensor the control of shade has now been improved three times with the wireless eNet standard. Further advantages: the compact sensor is maintenance-free thanks to its solar cell and is attached to the inside of the window with minimum effort with its suction cap.

Simple set-up – triple functionality
The single-person initial set-up of the new eNet sun sensor is carried out quickly and easily with push-button technology. This way the settings for the sun protection function, the twilight function and the temperature-related sun protection can all be fixed.

Each of the functions presents itself as follows: the eNet sun sensor can be used to provide shade to a complete façade in its sun protection function. In doing this it automatically operates the blinds or shutters as soon as a set brightness value has been exceeded. The twilight function on the other hand sets the opening of the blinds or shutters in action when the brightness goes below a programmed value. The outside/path lighting can also be included in this scenario, which means greater convenience and security for the residents. Temperature-dependent sun protection can also be set as an optional third function. Here the shade control is first triggered when, in addition to the brightness value, a pre-set temperature value is also exceeded. This function makes sense in energy management terms, especially in winter, when the warmth of the sun can be harnessed efficiently to heat the interior rooms.