Smart Home: When the building thinks with you

Smart technology combines convenience, security and energy efficiency.

Today a modern lifestyle is a smart lifestyle. Especially when it comes to energy efficiency, building and reconstruction is almost unthinkable without smart building control. In such smart homes, the technical functions are networked with each other and operated conveniently through various control points – including mobile ones.
More and more building contractors want to know they have realised the smart lifestyle system. To do this, professionals link the individual building technology components together in such a way that routines no-longer apply in day-to-day life, that people's homes provide their residents greater security – and even make an attractive contribution to climate protection. This is where the Jung company makes life easy for planners, architects and builders by networking the entire building technology, where shade, heating, alarm systems, lighting, ventilation and multimedia components "communicate" with each other and are all operated together. The modern KNX bus system takes over the control functions. The central idea here is to make it simple and safe to operate, and always with the residents' needs in mind.

Smart, systematic building technology
Considerations about feeling good and convenience play a fundamental role in the Smart Home, with sensors that automatically control temperature and fresh air. Programmed light scenarios that automatically also turn on the music system when activated. Or apps that let you turn on the heating when you are on the go, through your Smartphone or tablet, before entering your home.
Before the residents leave their home they look at the weather report on monitors built into the wall. And they use the same screen to open their front door for visitors. They can even assess their energy consumption at a glance. As electricity, gas and heating oil consumption is evaluated and can be called up as a chart at any time. When correctly planned, professionally installed and regularly maintained, these networked system elements make people's day-to-day lives considerably easier.

The options here are as varied as the demands of the residents. Anyone who feels like it can of course still operate their lighting in their living room with a rotary dimmer switch. But in a Smart Home with an intelligent sensor they can now also regulate the volume of their sound system at the same time, or move the shutters up and down. People who prefer to see a display of everything they would like to control on the other hand are best advised to have a panel built into the wall with a touchscreen. This is designed as a convenient control centre where the user can find all the functions at a glance – individually sorted in favourites and rooms. Easy Operation Ensured.

No matter which Jung operation elements the user chooses in the end, they always stay in control. This way all the functions can be called up manually or, if they run automatically, they can always be adjusted to the user's personal wishes. This is how the Smart Home can be seen as "intelligent" by taking many day-to-day routines away from its residents - yet never at any time does the technology override the user. Quite the opposite! It always adjusts to the wishes of its users. That way the residents, be they young or old, always have the option of an individual building control tailored expressly to their needs. With maximum convenience and security. Now that is really smart!