The KNX weather station

Compact design, precise measurement

In the KNX weather station, all critical sensors used to capture and evaluate meteorological data are incorporated in one compact design. With its integrated bus coupling unit, the main area of application of this weather station is in automatic, weather-dependent shade control for facade protection.

The device captures a total of 12 meteorological parameters: wind speed, wind direction, brightness in four directions, twilight, global radiation, precipitation, relative/absolute air humidity and air pressure are reliably measured through the integrated sensors. These features are enhanced with a GPS/GLONASS receiver for the date and time and an astro function for determining the position of the sun; this dispenses with the need for manual adjustment of the time.

The installation of the weather station is carried out with its own fastening arm on the installation mast. This ensures the best capture and measurement of the weather data. The weather station can also be mounted onto the facade by means of the fastening arm.

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