Winzerheim, Isny in the Allgäu

Wine tasting in the best conditions

The Winzerheim (winegrower’s house) in Isny in the Allgäu stands on the town wall, which is protected as a historic monument. The inscription on the town wall reveals that as long ago as 1664 grapes were harvested in this area. Today it has been restored from the wine cellar through the reception area up to “Karl’s Philosophy Room”.

The materials used in the building are of above-average quality and matched to each other. Tables and chairs in solid oak from old wine barrels provide a traditional atmosphere. There is space for 22 people at the long table on the ground floor. When the glass walls are opened, it is like sitting in the open. A terrace adjoins the house with seating groups in solid stone.

The electrical installation from JUNG provides optimal conditions for the wine tasting. The KNX system controls heating, shade and temperature. The KNX multiroom amplifier provides the best entertainment and makes Internet radio streaming possible. The switch classic LS 990 in dark integrates harmoniously into the surroundings of the Winzerheim.
Pictures: Henrik Schipper

Used Designs and technologies