The F 50 KNX Room Temperature Controller

Being part of the JUNG KNX F 50 push-button sensors, the KNX room temperature controller is used to conveniently control the temperature of individual rooms. Its cover is provided with self-explanatory icons and coloured status and operation LED for optimum ease of use. The measurement of the room temperature, as compared with the individually adjustable temperature setpoint, along with the different operating modes (comfort, standby, night, and frost protection modes) ensures an optimum and healthy room temperature. The preference can be changed to the push-button sensor functions of switching, dimming, blinds, transducers, or scenes. As is the case with the F 50 push-button sensors, the new continuous controller may also be connected to the push-button sensor extension module for flexibly expanding its functions.

Just as with the push-button sensors, the KNX room temperature controller is available in the AS, A, CD and LS ranges. With their recessed buttons and large design cover, they adopt the design concept of the F50 push-button sensors thus allowing control of all room functions to be implemented using the same appearance.

The standard and universal display room temperature controller is available in the AS, A, CD, and LS ranges. The large variety of materials, colours, and shapes of these design series ensures that the appearance of the new room temperature controller will perfectly fit into the existing electrical installation.

Adjustment of the setpoint

Individual adjustment of the temperature setpoint is by simply pressing a button. The printed temperature symbols including coloured scale and coloured LEDs ensure easy operation.

Display and adjustment of the operation mode

The desired temperature regime is set from the following operation modes as required: comfort, standby, night operation or frost protection – depending on the presence or absence of the inhabitants of the house.