F 50 Push-button sensors in the 24V System

Control elements with a new look

Form meets function in the design of the AS, A, CD, and LS ranges. The new F 50 push-button sensors in the 24V multi-wire system make an attractive impression with their homogeneous surface appearance and recessed buttons.

The choice of transparent or coloured design cover, the coloured LEDs that display the current status and operation, along with the illuminated labelling area, all round off the design concept. Depending on the model, the design covers can be customised with laser engraving, colour printing or labelling using the JUNG Graphic Tool. The same applies to the buttons.

Lighting, shutter and blinds can all be conveniently adjusted at the touch of a button with the new, 24V push-button sensors. The control is carried out as normal in combination with the Jung relay or dimming station. Alternatively, it can also be integrated into any other control system with a maximum control voltage of 24V.