The new Jung SCHUKO® socket

Increased safety for the electrician

Following intensive development work, Jung has now launched its new SCHUKO® 1520 socket which provides simplified installation and increased safety for the electrician.

Improved safety during installation
The electrician’s safety is improved during installation thanks to the earthing of the metal supporting frame, claws, earthing clip and claw screws. Even if the live wire were damaged during installation, the earthing bar ensures that the components are not energised. The ridges in the base allow for easy management of the cabling; the claw enclosure protects it from damage during installation. And the socket’s compact base shape ensures a better view into the flush-mounted box and the wires located here.

Simplified installation
The new SCHUKO® 1520 socket also makes installation easier. Firstly, it is easier to pivot it through the claw enclosure into the wall box. Thanks to the uniform combi head screw for the centre plate and the claw screws, it is no longer necessary to switch tools. One screwdriver is all that is required to install the socket and attach the cover. Due to its zinc-magnesium alloy, the bearing ring of the SCHUKO® socket also provides a high degree of corrosion protection.