Jung POF media converter

Rapid data transfer

Whether for a private media library or extensive data in the office, the new single and double POF media converters guarantee secure network connectivity and rapid data transfer to the terminal. As a rail-mounted device, the 1-gang media converter is installed in the distribution system and it transmits the data to the 2-gang media converter as a flush-mounted device in the Jung switch design.

Rapid data transfer
The transfer takes place via polymer optical fibre (or POF for short). This is fibre-optic cable made from plastic which is used for the data transfer. In practice, it can reach speeds of around 100 Mbit/s with a cable length of 30 m. Key features in addition to its speed are its low weight, high degree of flexibility and insensitivity to electromagnetic influences.

Simple installation
Another advantage is the ease with which the POFs are installed. Due to the small core diameter of 0.06 to 1 mm, simple plug-in connectors can be used. The advantage: This eliminates the need for frequently used splicing procedures for connecting the glass fibres and simplifies the installation.
Ductwork with integrated POF cable is available from manufacturers such as Fränkische Rohrwerke.